All you need is the willingness to change and the support of your fellow actors."

Melique Berger is a Queer Black Jewish powerhouse of the VO Industry.

With over 3 decades of experience in VO and 4 in live-action and stage, she has honed her craft with continuous perseverance and dedication. She is a four time nominee of the One Voice Awards, including Best Actor. Most recently, she lent her voice to Best Anime of 2022 winner from Anime Corner and IGN, “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” and for multiple characters in the critically acclaimed “The Cuphead Show.” Both series are currently streaming on Netflix. She has been on multiple seasons and is still currently voicing characters on Disney Jr’s hit show “Spidey and His Amazing Friends.” One of Melique’s most well-known characters is that of Mrs. Pancakes in Emmy award winning series “Rick and Morty.” She has been highly sought out in the ADR community voicing numerous feature films, including X-Men, Academy award winning Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Flight Club. She worked multiple seasons of critically acclaimed series Insecure and The Goldbergs, the latter for which she is still working. Outside of television, Melique made gaming history by voicing a Great Fairy in the Legend of Zelda videogame series as Kaysa in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. This marks the first time a Great Fairy has had dialogue in the gaming franchise. She also voiced Molina and Katanga Computer in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

Melique’s passion outside of performance is coaching and developing new talent at Bergers Reels LA: A Company of Voice Over Actors. Starting around a kitchen table 14 years ago, the conservatory has evolved into weekly training sessions hosted via Zoom where aspiring and working voice over actors stay at the top of their game. Additionally, Melique offers private lessons where she can work with clients of all ages land their big role for networks such as Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, Disney and Nickelodeon.

In her next step towards cultivating diversity in VO, Melique created her singular acting technique “Art of the Pivot©” and merged it with her longtime agent and business partner Portia Scott’s “Method on the Mic/Actors Tool Kit©” to found their company “Indigo Voices.” These techniques will serve as the throughline for courses offered at university baccalaureate and master’s degree programs and performance conservatories. Melique hopes with this endeavor she can make her mother, legendary commercial agent, Myra Berger and godfather Anthony Barnao, head of CBS casting and founder of Blue Sphere Alliance theatre compamy, proud in memoriam.

Melique Berger is a native of West Hollywood, California. At three years old, she was dancing Russian ballet under the tutelage of Michel Panaieff. At five years old, she received her first acting scholarship at the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble in Hollywood, California. Her audition piece was the theme to Laverne and Shirley and she brought the house down boots. Her scholarship was renewed through the age of seven. By eight, Melique was studying acting with her beloved mentor and godfather, Anthony Barnao. At this time, her mother, Myra Berger, was producing theater at The Matrix on Melrose. Here, Melique learned from people like Steven Berkoff, Sam Weisman, Bruce Dern, and Lee Sankowitz.
In 1979, while Myra was producing Dracula, a musical featuring Joe Spano, the cast and director realized Melique possessed the uncanny ability to sing exactly what she had just heard. If you were offkey, best believe Melique would let you know. Voice matching started that early. By 1980, Melique was playing the flute with Sir James Galway at the Dorothy Chandler pavilion in John Corigliano’s The Pied Piper Fantasy. She was a triple threat by age ten. By Junior High, Melique was invited to join Bancroft Junior High’s first Performing Arts Magnate Program sponsored by Francis Ford Coppola and Zoetrope Studios. She continued acting, singing and dancing all the way to Fairfax High School. From there she would get her university education from Hillman University in A Different World. Melique never stopped acting, singing and dancing. In 1997, Myra was already the head of the commercial division at Abrams-Rubaloff, and Lawrence, where Melique was a client. And as the universe would have it, the VO department needed partner reads. She booked those three jobs and never left the booth.

Melique Berger

As a working voice actor for 3 decades, Melique’s passion and commitment to the craft of acting has led her on a journey into many facets of voiceover acting from animation on hit shows such as the Emmy Award winning Rick and Morty (as Mrs. Pancakes, and Melissa Scary), OK K.O. (as Wilhamena), Dr. Sarah Charles of The Justice League franchise, and the groundbreaking Adult Swim series, Boondocks.

Melique has also done ADR and Looping work on Insecure, Atypical, Dark Angel, Planet of the Apes, X-Men and many more. Her work also includes radio and television commercials, video games, and film. List available on request.
Represented by Coast to Coast Talent Group and ACM Talent.


To be the best actor I can be every day.


To be a global brand.


Melique Berger is a Black, Jewish and Queer woman. She transcends label, she is an experience. She is a Mother to many, including her two beautiful sons Jackson and Julian. She sings to her hearts content, produces, and directs. She’s been known to clear a dancefloor and can play a mean flute.


Melique Berger is a voiceover alchemist. Her work as a premier voice matcher has dubbed the likes of Viola Davis, Helena Bonham Carter, Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman and Issa Rae. She embodies the Art of the Pivot, from narrating the ID Channel’s gritty Chaos in Court to Mrs. Pancakes’s beloved one line in Rick and Morty, “You don’t know me!”


As an actor, to deliver quality work every day. As Mother of the House of Berger, to see her legacy extend past her body of work with her efforts as a mentor and private VO coach. To see the young artists and community fostered by Bergers Reels LA: A Company of Actors permeate and change the VO industry.

Jeff Howell

“Melique is simply one of the hardest working actresses I’ve known. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching her talent develop since she was a teenager running through the halls of Abrams-Rubaloff & Lawrence agency. Even then, I could tell that she would become a talented voice actress, and she hasn’t disappointed. Melique is a total pro and I love working with her.”

Jeff Howell

“Melique is a pleasure to work with. As Melique’s agent, I appreciate her willingness to play around with characters and it comes and all the various options she provides. She has fun in the booth and that comes through in her character voices.”